Carbon Fiber Components

Every component is made from 100% carbon fiber, not a carbon overlay of fiberglass like most of the other stuff on the market. Each part was designed to be as universal as possible and to be used on actual racing cars, not some theoretical race car some CAD engineer dreamed up.  Carbon fiber dragster body nose and cowl

Carbon Fiber Fuel Tank Vent Scoop

These scoops are a really cool way to vent the fuel tank. Not only does it look neat, it actually can provide functionality. It raises the opening of the vent so that fuel exiting during hard sloshing is reduced, or even eliminated depending on application. It can also provide a slight positive pressure in the tank at high speed, which most injected cars can benefit from. The scoop tray is a billet piece and can be used two ways. As in the pictures, it can be welded directly to the tank, or in a full body situation, you can weld a tube to the bottom of the tray and bolt the bottom of the tray to the cowl section, running a hose to the tank for remote applications. Scoop is $150.00, tray is $50.00

Wide Nose

This nose was designed for dragsters both front engine and rear engine that are larger at the front with a lower aero lip. $450.00 Specs below:

Length 33”
Height 10 1/4”
Width 12”

Now you see that it is 33” long, how does that work with a 30” overhang rule? Well, you have plenty to trim and make fit how you like. Trimmed to 26” long, a more popular length, specs are as follows:

Length 26”
Height 9 1/2”
Width 11”

Narrow Nose

This nose was designed for front engine dragsters that are narrow at the front and have a “nostalgic” rolled under lower lip. $385.00 Specs below:

Length 24”
Height 8 3/4”
Width 5 3/4”

Seat for Round or Square Shoulder Hoops 

As far as we know this is the only carbon fiber seat on the market that will fit into a round, continuous bend, shoulder hoop, as in some front engine dragsters. It also will fit a square, double bend, shoulder hoop as well. The material is flexible enough to form into either shape. It will fit shoulder hoops from 17” wide all the way up to 22” wide. The large radius lets it sprawl out to any width between the two. $525.00 Specs below:

Shoulder hoop width, 17” to 22”
Front bottom edge of the seat is 18 1/2” wide
Front to back depth is 18”
Rear height is 38” 

Front Engine Dragster Cowl

This cowl was designed to fit all Front Engine Dragsters with our motorplate. There is a large radius along the length and around the windscreen to make a smooth transition, rather than the “bent with pliers” look common on today’s modern contemporary cars. The pattern was engineered to be well suited to make either a “nostalgic” look, or a “high side” look. It just depends on how you trim it.  $885.00


Length: 68”
Length from front of windscreen to front of cowl: 37”
Width at front, fits our motorplate perfect, 22 1/2”
Width at rear, 2 sizes available: (the large bend radius allows some width stretch/shrink ability)
20” for inside shoulder hoop widths of 17”-18 1/2”
23” for inside shoulder hoop widths of 18 1/2”-21 1/2”

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