3.5 oz Air Bottle

For those interested in saving weight with a low air demand.  These bottles are the same diameter as the regular 10 oz. Size (2), but only about a third as tall.  Has the DOT-1800 rating required by NHRA and can use the standard valve and be filled with CO2, or as on our own personal car, uses the fitting in the photo and NO valve, NO regulator and we fill with 200psi of compressed AIR for the ultimate weight saving.  

Price for bottle, special NO-VALVE fitting, gauge, and Schrader valve is $85.00


Pneumatic Hardware

Please contact us for all your pneumatic needs. We have air switches, push buttons, fittings, tubing, manifolds, needle valves, cylinders, valves, and anything you can imagine. Pneumatics are a simple, cheap, lightweight way to operate anything from shifters, parachutes, timing controls, fuel system management, and clutch operations. They are also very handy around the shop for a variety of things such as fixture clamps, presses, valve grinder rests, and other things. We stock fittings and tubing in , 5/32, and 1/8.

Please call us with your needs and/or advice on components.


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