Heim Washers 

Available in 3/8 and 5/16 sizes. 

3/8 are $2.25 ea.

5/16 are $2.00 ea.

Push-Pull Cable Hardware

This is the stuff that is hard to find and expensive when you do find. We have quick disconnect ball joints in steel and aluminum, Quick disconnect swingover clamps in steel and aluminum, 10-32 Heims in male and female, and the one-bolt billet cable clamps. Aluminum ball joints and swingover clamps are $10.00, Steel ball joints, swingover clamps, and billet aluminum clamps are $8.00, heims are $4.75

Other heim joints available also. All joints are Aurora high quality, not cheap offshore junk, right hand thread, and mild steel unless otherwise noted. -28 male and female is $5.00 ea. 5/16-24 male is $5.40. 3/8-24 male is $6.10. 3/8-24 male 4130 is $17.00.

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