Transmission Cooler Bracket

Powerglide Mounted, Automatic Temperature Control, Transmission Cooler bracket. Developed for the higher demands of bracket racing with today’s faster cars. This unit mounts directly to any shorty style powerglide and provides the following features: 

  • A place to mount the cooler that is contained with the transmission, so no disconnecting lines when servicing the trans or converter.
  • Lifting handles incorporated into the cooler bracket.
  • Engine limiter tabs incorporated directly into the cooler bracket.
  • Automatic temperature control. There is a sensor in the cooler that will automatically turn the fan on and off.
  • Fits all Powerglides, both stock and aftermarket cases. Does not void certification; bolt holes are in approved location.
  • Supplied with lines (specify which case), mounting hardware, and mounting bracket assembly. Cooler not supplied, uses B&M #70298



Low Friction Ceramic Ball Bearings

Ceramic bearings have gotten a bad start in the drag racing world. The problem never was the bearing. We have pioneered the use of ceramic ball bearings in the Competition eliminator category and have had ZERO problems. The simplest and cheapest thing to start on is your front wheels, then axle bearings, and all the way to a complete ball bearing third member. Please call to discuss your application and get our recommendations. Anything that has a bearing in it probably has merit for ceramics.


Titanium Driveshafts

Made to order for obvious reasons. 

Please call Frank or Scott for recommendations on application and pricing.

Shaft RPM sensor collar

Features 8 ferrous pins in an aluminum housing with stainless bolts.  Currently has 1” hole in center, can be bored to 2.25”.  

$50.00 ea., $60.00 bored to your size.

Aluminum Couplers  -Please call for application.  

Only works for those looking for every last ounce of e.t. on lightweight cars with appropriately sized tires.  Currently available in the female configuration for pinions of the 12 bolt Chevrolet, and 28 spline (small) pinion 9” Ford.  A male 40 spline coupler, 3” long, is available as well as a 40 spline sleeve for the lightest combination is cars requiring a funny car style driveshaft with a Powerglide.  If you require a shaft, rather than just a standard quick disconnect coupler, we recommend a Gundrilled titanium shaft to go along with the aluminum couplers.  Let us know about your specialty driveshaft needs.

Price on couplers is $200.00, sleeves are $120.00.  Aluminum clamps also available at $32.00

6" male 40 spline aluminum coupler, $230.00

Powerglide Pan Rail

Made from 3/8” 6061-T6 plate, this flange is for those of you who want an aluminum pan and want to save a buck by building the pan yourself, of those of you who need a goofy depth pan, or those of you who want a lighter pan than is commercially available. 


Aluminum Spool Bearing Adjusters

Only for those of you looking to drop more weight off the back of the car, OR those of you who want finer adjustment of your bearing preload. These were made with more holes than the standard for more adjustability, and weigh only 35% of what the original ones do. Available for Strange or MW 3.250 bore cases. Please specify which when ordering. 

$55.00 each

Billet aluminum wheel spacers

Available in 1/4" and 1/2" thickness.  These wheel spacers are slightly different than others on the market.  You will notice that instead of just a big round piece of tubing, these are scalloped around the wheel studs and the center hole is larger to knock off a remarkable 25% in weight.  Fits the most popular of bolt patterns; 4 3/4", 5", and 5 1/2" all in the same spacer.  Fits 11/16 wheel studs.  

$50.00 for 1/4"; 

$70.00 for 1/2"


Ring Gear Lightening is probably the most cost effective way to reduce rotating mass on the driveline. Not only is it typically the greatest amount of mass reduction, it is quite a great distance from the center of the axle, so it has a fair amount of accelerative resistance. Depending on ratio and gear type, a typical loss is anywhere from TWO to FIVE pounds. 

$200 to lighten your gear.

Just lightened your gear? A great idea to couple with the lightening is the REM polishing process. This treatment smoothes the surface of the gear and creates a tooth that will roll and wear much better. So if you're looking for less friction or better gear life, this is the answer. 

Prices quoted per part.

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