Body Clips 

For all of us with front engine dragsters with body panels behind the tires, or any other car with a hard to access dzus fastener.  These handy little clips attach to the frame rail with a #10 flat head screw at the meeting point of two panels and the panels simply slide under the head of these.  When using these clips, you need to have adequate fasteners out where you can get to them because these only hold the panel in, not laterally because you cut a slot in the tin to slide under these.  An absolute must for a front engine car, so you donít have to take the tires off to remove the side panels. 

$7.50 each

Dzus fastener hardware 

We stock the Full-Bore buttons that take the 3/16Ē allen key.  Buttons are available .550 long, with flat head, in aluminum only.  The plates are a good compromise between ultra-lightweight and ruggedness.  We have had zero problem with them breaking on any of the cars we have built.  We also have panel doublers for extra strength in high stress locations, or for magnesium panels.  

Prices are:  

Buttons-$1.35, Plates-$.56, Springs-$.55, Doublers-$.80

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