T-Bolt Clamps

Stocked in the “motorplate” sizes of 1.31” and 1.5”. 

$9.50 each. 

We can get any other size special order in 2-3 business days for a reasonable price up to 8.37” Max.

Half Rear Motorplate

Used in most of our Rear Engine Dragsters. ¼” thick 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 construction.  Fits Chevy Only.  


Full Rear Motorplate

Used in most of our Front Engine Dragsters and Altereds. ¼” thick 6061-T6 construction. Fits Chevy, Donovan, or 426 Chrysler. Specify which when ordering. 


Pocket Milled for weight savings add $30.00. Magnesium or steel plates available, price on request.

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