Rear End Housing - Flange Axle

The lightest and among the strongest flange axle housings available anywhere. These housings are custom built per application but incorporate a 3/16 faceplate, and .090” rear structure. Between the triangulated design and being 100% 4130 material, we have managed to come up with a design with very little material, meaning less weight. A typical finished housing weigh approximately 24 pounds. But the best feature is saved for last; the third member is sealed with an o-ring, no more gaskets or messy silicone for fast and easy gear changes. 


Rear End Housing - Full Floater

Our full floater housings are exceptionally and evolutionally different from the competition’s housings. They start off with complete 100% 4130 construction, a ¼” faceplate, .090” rear structure, and 3/16 bulkheads. Our housing design eliminates the need for the tubes in which the spindles are typically welded into. By using special spindles from Strange Engineering, we were able to eliminate that heavy tube, a 15-pound loss in itself. A typical complete weight is 43 pounds. Also, just like our flange axle style housing, the thirdmember is sealed with an o-ring.

$1450 less floater spindles

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