Seat Belt Slides

Use these for a number of applications. Namely, when you have Nomex covered belts, use our wide slot model so you can actually get them laced through properly. Available for 3 belts with wide or narrow (standard size) slots in Stainless Steel (wide only)for $13.00 each, in Titanium (wide and narrow) for $22.00 each, and for 1 belts with wide or narrow slots in titanium only for $20.00 each. If you are weight conscious, we have been working with Autopower Industries to use Titanium slides and Titanium camlock buckles, with aluminum adjusters for a remarkable weight savings over the standard and retaining the SFI Certification while doing so. Call us for specifics on the special seat belts.

Fire Bottle Bellcranks 

The Ell and Tee shaped ones are for dual bottle applications such as funny cars and the straight one is for dragsters with only one bottle.  Mounting is a snap with our multi-purpose spud.

The Ell is $27.00, the Tee is $30.00, and the Straight one is $21.00.

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