Assorted Steering Components

Your premier source for dragster/altered/funny car steering components. We handle Strange, and Stiletto, and our own products. Due to the uncertainty of the availability of these products nowadays, you may not get a brand choice, but we try to stock all of them. We have rack & pinions, steering boxes, steel and aluminum spindles, steering arms in steel, aluminum, and titanium, and Tow hooks for all brands. 

Please call for prices and availability.

Drag link supports constructed of Billet 6061-T6 aluminum

These are the parts that nobody makes.  The drag link supports enable the long steering shafts of today's 225" front engine dragster to be split into several pieces to enable good chassis flex and not have binding of the drag link.  Also usable on altereds or funny cars where the rear link is fairly large to be strong enough and accommodate a bend to clear exhaust headers, but you do not want the weight of a large bar all the way forward.   You can now split it for instance, at the front of the motor and and run smaller pipe to the front.  Or, to hold the shafts on a rack and pinion setup between u-joints. 

These supports accommodate a 3/4" drag link and are available with notches to fit either 1 1/8" or 1 1/4" frame-rails.  Sold with 4130 steel tabs for both sides, so it is in double shear, and grade 8 hardware.  $19.95 each
Tow hooks solve the problem of when you get a car all done and say, "Now how the heck do I tow this thing around the pits?"  Constructed of billet 6061-T6 aluminum these tow hooks fit SPE spindles and replace the existing cap. $19.95 each
Aluminum Steering Arms for SPE spindles.  These are the parts you can't buy anywhere else.  Perfect for Competition Eliminator dragsters where weight is the utmost issue.  Also work well on front engine dragsters for the lower two arms in a three arm system.  Not intended for use on altereds/funny cars.  Pocket milled for further weight reduction.  6" length, but can be shortened to 5" easily.  Constructed of billet 6061-T6 aluminum.  

$22.50 each.

We also carry these for the Stiletto Spindles for the same price.

Tube axles available here. Competitive prices, all totally custom built to your specs. Suggestions available for size, drop, width, etc.

Titanium Steering Arms for SPE spindles 

These are the perfect companion for our aluminum steering arms in a front-engine dragster application where weight is the utmost issue.  Use these for the top arm in a three arm system in either a front engine dragster or altered/funny car.  Pocket milled for further weight reduction.  6" length.  Constructed of billet 6AL-4V Titanium.  

$175.00 each

We also offer these without the tow hook for the same price.

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