Urethane Mounting Bushings

Used most commonly for mounting tanks, but can be used for a variety of other things that need to be isolated from shock and vibration. Two sizes available, small and large. 

The small has a 3/8” hole with a 3/4” OD. Flange is 1/4” thick, and 1” OD. 

The large has a 5/8” hole with a 1 1/4” OD. Flange is 1/4” thick and 1 1/2” OD

$10.00 each

Puke Tank Inlet Tubes 

Use these to weld on the framerail to run your engine’s overflow through the frame to get back to the puke tank. Come with bead rolled on one end, and the other end notched at 45 degrees to be a direct fit.

$15.00 each

Fuel Tank Outlets

For those of you building your own fuel tank, here you go. They have one end cut at 45 degrees to prevent vortexing, and the other end has a bead rolled in it so the hose won’t fall off. Available in 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, and 2 ¼”. 

$15.00 ea

Small filler caps and bungs

Available with aluminum or steel weld on bungs, the caps are extremely lightweight, and black hard anodized for corrosion resistance with a knurled grip.  

Sold as a cap and bung assembly.


Big filler caps and aluminum bungs

Slightly different than the usual fuel filler cap.  These feature a captive o-ring that won’t fall out, coarse threads that won’t cross-thread as easy, black hard anodizing on the cap to prevent corrosion, and a knurled grip.  

Sold as a cap and bung assembly.


#16 and #20 Weld on Bungs

We got really tired of getting ripped off for these, so we made our own and want to pass on the savings to you. Available in male flare or female o-ring styles. 

#16 male or female is $6.50 and #20 male or female is $8.00 ea.

Weld on bungs for fuel, oil, water tanks, etc. 

Female o-ring boss, Male AN Flare, and Female Pipe thread available. All bungs have a step on the back side to locate in hole of tank.  Male bungs have a full radiused inlet for smooth fluid flow.  Female bungs are just threaded through, as the fitting you screw in should have the radius on it.

  • #6 male flare, #6 female o-ring, 1/8" NPT female   (Steel or aluminum)  -$4.50

  • #8 male flare, #8 female o-ring, 1/8" NPT female (steel or aluminum) ½"-20 female  - $4.50

  • #10 male flare, #10 female o-ring,  3/8" NPT female  -$4.75

  • #12 male flare, #12 female o-ring, 1/2" NPT female  -$5.00 

All bungs are 6061-T6 aluminum unless noted otherwise.

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