Titanium rod end adapters, clevises and such.

As you know, titanium is very expensive and very unpredictable in available sizes.  Just remember us when you have a need for these little gadgets as we are open to supplying you with these types of products.

Price on request

Steel Rod end adapters

Made of 4130 material and available in the following sizes:

Steel Clevises

We are pleased to offer our new line of clevises, there are weld in and threaded styles, both made from 4130 steel. We were tired of either paying too much for these or getting ugly parts, so our solution was to make them ourself. They are available in the sizes below:

Multipurpose Mounting Spud

Used for mounting ISP lateral head supports, fire bottle bellcranks, chute levers, etc. Has either a Ό-28 or 10-32 thread, a ½” OD flange and a 7/16” OD and is hollowed out in the rear. 


Front Engine Dragster rear end mounting kit

 Includes 2 pieces of 2’ lengths of 1” x 2” x .065 rectangular 4130 tubing and 8 weld in bushings.  This is the ultimate way to mount a housing in a front motor dragster.  The bushings are machined from 4130 bar stock and are counter bored to accept a 12 point nut so that there are no bolts poking you in the legs.  Also the lightest way to mount a housing, legal for top fuel on down.  


Roll bar bends for dragsters.

Two styles: A double bend “modern” bar bent from 1 ½” x .065 on 6” radii for the typical look, or a single bend “nostalgic” bar bent from 1 5/8” x .065 on a 7” radius for the nostalgia look, as well as being wide enough to get a modern helmet in, as well as padding.  

Double bend roll bar is $90.00

Single bend roll bar is $85.00

1 ½” x .065 back brace $45.00 ea.

1 5/8” x .065 back brace $50.00 ea.

Shoulder hoops and other miscellaneous bends.

Double bend shoulder hoops in any width made from 1 ½” x .058 tubing, Single bend shoulder hoops are roughly 19 ½” wide inside +/- ½” for springback.  Double bend hoops are $120.00; Single bend hoops are $200.00.  Helmet bars available in two radii; a 4” for most 6 point cages, and a 8” for most 5 point cages, both are 1” x .058 and $60.00 pr.  Various other bends available as well as customs.  

Call for quote.

Firewall upright assembly

Made from 1 1/4x .049 with three tubes welded through to run wires, hoses, cables, etc. through.  Two tubes are 7/8” x .058, and one is 1” x .049 (large enough for a Racepak Vnet cable).  One end pre-notched for 1 Ό” tubing.  Distance between framerails must be between 8 ½” and 11 ½”.  

Sold in pairs $90.00

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