Exhaust Adapters and Flanges  

Originally designed for the 14 degree Pro Action SBC Head by us, but will fit on 18 or 15 degree Chevy heads as well. Adapters are made from 6061 Aluminum, flanges are 1018 Cold Rolled Steel. Adapters have a notch to clear the valve cover and bolts are positioned to clear the spark plugs.

Adapters -$100.00, 
Flanges - $100.00
Adapters and flanges together - $175.00 

******Other models now available******

-Adapters and flanges for Hooker Pattern 23 degree SBC heads.

-Flanges for Early Model Hemi with stock type exhaust port or round ports.

-Flanges for DRCE style engines

-Flanges for Stahl pattern 23 degree SBC heads.

-Flanges for 2.500 ctc Small Block Ford

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