EZ Flow Bench Fixturing

These fixtures make flowing cylinder heads a piece of cake. There is a lower fixture plate that bolts to your existing plexiglass SuperFlow fixture, that incorporates an insertable bore size sleeve. Bore sleeves vary from 0-5.125”. Then, another plate that slides on top of the lower plate which contains your engines bores and bolt pattern. You simply put a pin in the lower plate and slide the upper plate over to it to flow the corresponding cylinder. You can flow all cylinders of the head without removing the head from the machine. 

The lower plate contains “pin holes” for all popular engines (specials can be drilled), and one is required for complete unit $325.00

The upper plate fits your engine and bore size (specify head and bore size), one is required for complete unit $275.00 , specials add $75.00

Bore Sleeve, one required for complete unit (specify size) $75.00

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