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24 volt DC Starter Battery Pack

24 Volt Battery Pack

Each $450.00Call to order

This Battery pack utilizes (2) 12 volt AGM style batteries for reliability and ruggedness. Total weight is only 33 lbs. and has enough power to start any engine with a block mounted starter. We, as well as many of our customers, have used this package to eliminate battery weight in the car and put the weight where it belongs - in the golf cart! But still, if you don't want to lift two conventional group 24 batteries around, (at least we don't,) this is the answer. Enough power to do several starts before charging and the 24 volts will spin the engine fast enough to get even the most stubborn engines with magnetos to fire. Worried about the starter? In over 25 years of use, we have not seen any excessive negative effects on the 12 volt starter motor

Combined with out 18v Billet Battery Mount system to run your cars electronics, it's a huge weight savings combination!

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