9341 W. HWY K-31 BURLINGAME, KS 66413
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    Learn How to Build Your Own Dragster

    Advanced Fabrication and Chassis Building Class

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    One on One Training

    With Frank & Scott Parks

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    Hands on, no Text Books

    Got Skills? You're going to leave with a LOT more...

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    Chris Stinson

    Chassis School Participant #1 - did it in 8 1/2 days.

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    We Have Everything You Need

    Everything to Build Your Dragster In-House

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    A Vacation that Pays Dividends

    Think of it as an Investment in Yourself!

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Advanced Dragster Chassis Builder Training Class

Build your dragster in our shop with Neil & Parks instruction

Want to build a new dragster chassis but don't have the room or equipment you need for a top of the line build? For only $500 per day, you can learn how to build a Dragster with one on one instruction directly not only from the one and only Frank Parks but included in the deal is Scott Parks, Ace Machinist and Tuning Wizard.

Frank and Scott have a well known passion for Front Engine Dragsters with numerous class championships over the years for cars they have built, but age is starting to catch up with Frank. We got this training idea after he had back surgery and had to limit his physical activity to a certain extent and a customer REALLY wanted a Neil & Parks chassis. A deal was struck and Frank and the customer built the new car in our shop in about two weeks, the customer got a new chassis and acquired new skills that take years to master on your own.

Frank Parks can certainly teach the right person all the details needed with his 50+ years of experience. This is a Win - Win for someone that wants a new chassis and is willing to do the work needed, but could use help with the details and equipment needed.

This isn't for everyone, you must have basic fabrication skills, must have good TIG welding experience and we will talk in detail about doing this, if you're not a good fit for this arrangement we reserve the right to turn you down. You will be able to use our Chassis Jig and our equipment in our fully equipped shop. Everything you need to build your car is available in house. All parts, tubing, etc. used will be purchased from Neil & Parks - however if you have some existing parts we can discuss using what you have.

For some, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime, not only will you have a state of the art chassis when you're done, but you're also going to learn new fabrication techniques, racing secrets and skills that have taken literally a lifetime to accumulate.

Not quite what you're looking for? We also can help you with a complete Dragster , Altered or Funny Car Kit.

Shop Hours are 7 am till 6 pm, Lunch is from 12 to 1. You are responsible for your own living accommodations, the nearest Hotel is in Topeka, KS. Duration of the class depends a lot on you, but for reference our last participant finished his build in 8 1/2 days.

Let's talk, call 785-422-8722 and we'll see if this opportunity is right for you.

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