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Lightweight Beadlock Conversions

15" Double Beadlock Set (2 Wheels) $1600.00Call to order

Neil & Parks Racing Beadlock Conversions are one of our new services that is in high demand. These super lightweight beadlocks only increase the weight of the wheel by 4.0 lbs with steel bolts. With a titanium bolt upgrade, you can drop that to 3.5 lbs per wheel for the ultimate in low weight, safe beadlocks.

While weight is important, there are added features that you won't likely find from others that offer this service...

  • Great care is taken to maintain the lowest amount of radial runout possible. You've probably heard horror stories about how bad some beadlock conversions wobble when people get their rims back, that doesn't happen here!
  • Rings are TIG welded, not spool fed MIG done in a trailer. This means NO sealer necessary, no leaks, and highest weld strength possible.
  • Includes Lightweight Steel Thread Inserts. These Racing Beadlocks are designed to be very light, they do require careful installation using anti-seize and a torque wrench. Keep your buddy with the impact gun and hammer away from them.

Note: If wheels are not received with weights removed and clean, there will be an additional $75 charge for preparation services.

Beadlock Instruction Manual


  • Titanium Bolt Upgrades are available, but due to frequent and quickly changing TI price changes call for pricing.
  • Special M&H Beadlock version by custom order. This version will only work on M & H tires, and is stamped M & H on the ring.
  • Replacement Beadlock Rings $250 ea

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase or decrease width of wheel when converting my wheels to beadlocks?

We can typically add or remove about 3/4" width at your request. How much depends on wheel design.

What is the typical turnaround time on beadlock conversions?

Our standard lead time on beadlock installation is 1 week. If time is critical, ask when you place your order.

Do you offer different racing beadlock designs?

Our beadlocks only come in one style as pictured. No other design or finish options are available as this style is the lightest we can make them.

What is the maximum backspace you can use on a beadlocked wheel?

This depends greatly on the design of the rear bell of the wheel. For most wheels, 5" backspace is the limit to what you can mount the tire on the wheel with a beadlock. Some manufacturers such as Bogart do have special rear bells that can accomodate up to 6" backspace, check with your wheel manufacturer in this situation.

Bolts Grade 8 Bolts Included, Titanium Optional
Material 6061 T6 Aluminum
Tire Bead Compatiblity Fits all race tire brands except M & H. 15" M & H Tires require a special beadlock which we do have available, this version is clearly stamped M & H.
Bolt Size Qty 64, 5/16-18 7/8" Long Grade 8 Bolts. TI upgrade kit has 70 bolts (6 spares).