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Weld on Aluminum Fuel Cell Caps Big Fuel Cell or Tank Caps with Bung

Aluminum Fuel Tank Cap & Bung

Cap & Bung $40.00Call to order

The Neil & Parks Large Fuel Tank Caps are a vast improvement over the typical fuel filler cap that is either hard to get lined up or easy to cross thread. The design features a captive O-ring that won't fall out, coarse threads that won't cross-thread as easy, black hard anodizing on the cap to prevent corrosion and a knurled grip.

Weld on aluminum or steel bung (your option) has 2 1/2" threads and 2" ID, lots of room for your funnel or pour straight from the can easily. The steel bung option is great for rear end housings or other tanks that you need a larger cap size on.

Sold as a cap and bung assembly.

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