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Speciality Billet Aluminum Dry Sump Oil Pans

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Neil & Parks specializes in unique, one off speciality racing products and this TFX dry sump pan built for Wayne Ramay at Performance Forge is a good example of our capabilities. Starting off with a 200 lb block of aluminum, this billet pan now weighs 11 lbs and is packed with innovative technology. It features 2 scavenge sections (4 are possible) that are designed to make this pan as easy to work with as a wet sump. All the scavenge lines come in from the top, with pickups hanging down, so there are no hoses to deal with! There is a kick-out plate on the right side, which contains the scavenge hoses which stays permanently attached to the block.

This design not only allows the hoses to stay permanently attached, but also allows a kick-out style pan WITHOUT those miserable bolts to get to, as all the bolts are exterior. Main caps will remove with this plate on, the fittings and fasteners are placed so that the cross bolts will come out with plate on. It is sealed with O-rings, so no gaskets to deal with. The drain plug features a field replaceable steel thread insert, so that when the threads gall and you have no choice, you can fix it on the spot.

As with all of our oil pans we build, the mounting flange is machined flat and seals with an O-ring for a leak free, high vacuum seal - no scrapping silicone off the block and pan when you're tearing down!