9341 W. HWY K-31 BURLINGAME, KS 66413
Burst Panel Top View Burst Panel Top Flange Burst Panel Bottom Radius Burst Panel Bottom Side View

Radius or Flat Burst Panel Mounts

Each $55.00 to $105.00Call to order

Billet 6061 T6 Aluminum Burst Panel Mounts for flat or tube mounting locations. The radius mounts are designed to weld to a 4" tube, modifiable for other sizes. Can fit 3 1/2" with a minor gap, only minor modification to fit tight.

  • Radius mount style $115.00 in aluminum, includes flange bolts.
  • Flat mount style $55.00 in aluminum or $105.00 in magnesium, includes flange bolts.
  • Uses standard large burst panels, available separately for $40.00.