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Butterfly Steering Wheels

Butterfly Steering Wheels

Each $80.00Call to order

These are for the racer who doesn't want all the mirror muffs and dingle-balls. These Lightweight Aluminum Steering Wheels have the bottom a little taller and a little wider than you can get lately because we have had problems getting a quick-release hub on the wheels you can buy today. Seems like the 4-bolt style is too tall, and the 3-bolt style is too wide to fit on existing wheels, so we manufactured these to fix these problems. Wheels come standard with anodized finish, blank mount (you drill to fit your hub) and no grips. Wood Grips available separately.

Also available in a shorter version for those with long arms.

Engraving: Purchase 10 or more steering wheels and add engraving at no charge. Single steering wheel engraving quoted on request.

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