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Carbon Fiber Seat - Side View Carbon Fiber Seat - Side View Carbon Fiber Seat - Top View

Carbon Fiber Dragster Seats

Each $595.00Call to order

We got our new carbon fiber seats in, and they are half the weight of your old aluminum seat! These seats are similar to the ones we used to sell, but slightly wider in the butt. They will fit into a square hoop car or a round hoop car.

Can be used bare or with pour in liner.


Rear Height: 38"
Front Height: 24"
Butt Width: 16"
Front Leg Width (front of seat): 18 1/2"
Shoulder hoop width: 16" to 24" wide
Depth measurements taken at 20 1/2" shoulder hoop width
Note: Depth will decrease at top as shoulder hoop width increases.
Depth at Bottom: 16"
Depth at Top: 21"