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Crank Trigger Sensor Length Comparision .375 OD Crank Trigger Sensor

USA Made Crank Trigger Sensor

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Everyone knows how fickle "run of the mill" crank trigger sensors can be, and they often chose to take a dump on you at the worst possible time, possibly even losing you a round. To eliminate that problem, we've sourced a super high quality crank trigger sensor made in the USA of only the best materials available, built by American workers with quality control standards in excess of what you're used to for devices like this. This Sensor is designed to work with flying magnet type trigger wheels and it has the right plug for MSD crank trigger cables.

Available in 18" or 26" overall length (Cable and Sensor), also a 90° Sensor Head is offered - please specify when ordering. Extension Cables are also available in 2' and 3' lengths.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This sensor is about 2 inches longer than a MSD sensor, and the cable is a lot thicker requiring more room, make sure you have clearance for it. If not, the 90° Sensor Head will likely be what you need.

Crank Trigger Sensor Details

Twisted pair cable is used in this sensor's construction with a 100% foil shield to cancel out noise far better than others which use a braided shield and don't twist their wires. To top it off, the outer layer is fire sleeve material to further protect the cable in a very hot environment. The heart of the sensor, the pickup coil is precision wound on a nylon bobbin, this is a much better design than others that use a steel core which over time can cause the wire to short. With nylon, it can't short out on the core. The MSD compatible plug utilizes gold plated terminals to prevent corrosion.

Finally each and every sensor is machine tested for both signal quality and strength.

These sensors are not a direct replacement for the standard 3/4-16 Crank Trigger Sensor, they require a 3/4-16 to 3/8" Sensor Adapter that we sell, or they can be used directly in RCD-Type pickup clamps.

A separate 16" ground wire is used for shielding to further reject electromagnetic interference, it can be shortened as needed and grounded to the engine or chassis.

Sensor Gap Install with .050" to .060" gap between sensor and trigger wheel. Watch for run-out on trigger wheel to avoid damaging sensor.
Outside Diameter .375"
Resistance This sensor should show 40 ohms resistance between the pins of the connector. Both connector pins should show "open" between the sensor body and to ground.
Timing Change You may see a difference of 3-4 degrees of timing change when changing to this higher accuracy sensor from another brand.

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