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Aluminum Driveline Couplers

Aluminum Driveline Couplers

Couplers starting at $200Call to order
  • Couplers $200.00, Add $30 for 6" 40 Spline
  • Sleeves $120.00
  • Aluminum clamps also available at $32.00

Only works for those looking for every last ounce of ET on lightweight cars with appropriately sized tires. Currently available in the female configuration for pinions of the 12 bolt Chevrolet, and 28 spline small pinion 9" Ford. A male 40 spline coupler, 3" long, is available as well as a 40 spline sleeve for the lightest combination of cars requiring a funny car style driveshaft with a Powerglide.

If you require a shaft, rather than just a standard quick disconnect coupler, we recommend a Gundrilled Titanium Shaft to go along with the aluminum couplers. Let us know about your specialty driveshaft needs.