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Driveshaft V-Band Cover Assembly Driveshaft V-Band Cover Unasssembled

Dragster V-Band Driveshaft Cover

Complete Assembly $465.00Call to order

Neil & Parks V-Band Driveshaft cover makes it quick and easy to get your driveshaft cover assembly apart and reassembled, saving valuable time and headaches. It utilizes a bolt on thirdmember cover (black part in photo) which covers the driveline coupler, the aluminum v-band flange welds to an aluminum tube (not supplied) and is used to clamp to the thirdmember cover with the v-band clamp. V-Band Clamp and Flange will also fit on both B&J and Moore Transmissions. Parts are available separately - the Coupler Cover is $325.00, V-band Weld Flange is $60.00 and V-Band is $80.00.

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